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Pantheon Recieves Funding for their Website Management Platform

"San Francisco-based Pantheon, a website management platform, has secured $29 million in Series C funding. The investors were Foundry Group, Industry Ventures, OpenView Investment Partners Scale Venture Partners. In addition to the funding, the company has named Chris Moody, vice president of data strategy at Twitter, to its board and Niall Hayes as vice president of engineering."
- Dorbian, B. I. (2016, July 20). Pantheon scores $29 mln Series C - PE HUB. Retrieved September 1, 2016, from

The popular website management platform recently announced it brought in $29 million in Series C funding. This round of funding, supported by Foundry Group, Industry Ventures, OpenView Investment Partners, and Scale Venture Partners, brings its fundraising total to over $57 million.

Pantheon is a website management platform that boasts an impressive number of services and tools to help business build, launch, and maintain their websites. They work to simplify and automate as many infrastructure and maintenance tasks as possible, creating a more universal and seamless web development experience. What sets them apart in the marketplace is its use of a container-based website management platform, creating a more efficient and effective hosting experience.


According to a press release, so far in 2016, the platform has:

  • Launched more than 150,000 websites (compared to 65,000 in 2014)
  • Experienced 100 percent customer growth year-over-year
  • Released the New Relic performance monitoring tool, Migration Tool Kit, and Integration Tools Suit


“The vision for Pantheon emerged from the founding team’s firsthand experience building some of the biggest and most demanding deployments of Drupal in the world, dozens of times over, each by hand,” according to the website. “We saw a future in which all of the back-end grunt work of website creation could be automated, and professionals could be freed to spend their time on the creative, human aspects of their job. Pantheon delivers this, and developers love it.”


Since its inception in 2010, Pantheon has grown to power more than 100,000 websites with a team of 70 website experts. In an interview with TechCrunch, CEO and Co-Founder, Zack Rosen, said his goal is to build “foundational technology for the web” and ultimately power 30 percent of all websites—but the short-term goal is to power 1 percent of the world’s massive trove of web content. With funding now topping $50 million and new services released regularly, Rosen and Pantheon are one step closer to that goal.

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