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LMS Design

Kickstart your company's e-learning system


Learning Management System Examples

A learning management system (LMS) allows you to to administer e-learning courses for employees and/or customers, as well as document and track participants’ progress. Custom Software Solutions can help you identify your LMS needs, choose the right solution, design the training, and arrange delivery of e-learning courses.


Identify e-learning opportunities

Every company has unique training needs, and CSS will work with you to identify your specific challenges and opportunities. We offer a number of different e-learning solutions depending on the size, scope, and topic involved.

Develop personalized training

Once we have identified your unique needs, we will put together a user-friendly, highly functional e-learning program that complements your company’s training program.

Deliver e-learning courses

Custom Software Solutions will walk you through the specifics of hosting and administering e-learning courses, including how to access courses, how to share them with employees, and where to find newly developed training resources.

Enhance in-person training

In addition to fully online training programs, we can develop courses that complement in-person training, allowing employees to get a more holistic training experience and manage trainers’ time effectively.

Track progress

E-learning systems have the benefit of automated tracking and status updates. Easily keep track of which employees and/or customers have completed e-learning courses and manage training to completion.

Ongoing LMS support

CSS is committed to your satisfaction as a client, and we will provide ongoing support for your learning management system using security and maintenance patches, as well as necessary updates and upgrades.