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Click Acquisition

Click Consulting Web Development is now a part of Custom Software Solutions

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On Feb 1, 2018, Custom Software Solutions acquired the Web Development Division of Click Consulting, Inc.

Click Consulting has three departments: website development, tech support, and training. Allen Lowder of Custom Software Solutions, Inc. has been managing the web development department at Click for the past 7 years.

In order to improve web development service for our clients, Click's management team has decided to merge its development department with our company, Custom Software Solutions beginning Feb 1, 2018. This will enable Custom Software Solutions to deliver improved and more focused service to our development clients. The tech support and training departments are unaffected by this merger.

If you previously received services from the web development department, you'll continue to receive assistance from the same staff people and developers as always, and we will continue managing your account for website projects. The only difference you'll notice is that website invoices will come from Custom Software Solutions instead of Click Consulting.

Click Consulting and Custom Software Solutions have a long history of working together over the past 8 years. Click and CSS have partnered together to create dozens of Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Moodle, Microsoft .Net and ColdFusion websites together.

We also welcome new clients looking for assistance with their Website Development, Custom Software Applications, Mobile Applications, Database Design and Digital Marketing.

Founded in 2005, Custom Software Solutions has become a leading software development company in Southern California. Custom Software Solutions has proven it’s excellence in designing and developing Custom Software Applications, Legacy System Integration, Content Management System (CMS) Websites using Drupal and WordPress, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Blockchain Application development, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence applications (AI), eCommerce sites using Drupal Commerce, Magento and Shopify, Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS, ColdFusion applications, Website Hosting Cloud Based Solutions and Digital Marketing using SEO and PPC marketing strategies.

Custom Software Solutions has created hundreds of solutions including complex 100,000-page websites, Fintech solutions for Banking and Mortgage companies, Retail and Wholesale eCommerce sites, Learning Management Solutions for K-12 and Corporate Online Learning systems, Security Solutions, and Cloud Based Hosting. Custom Software Solutions also implements Digital Strategies using SEO, PPC, Marketing Strategy and Automation to drive traffic to your website or application to increase traffic, customers and revenue for our partner clients.