Website Migration

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Website Migration

Start fresh with a New Host

Website migration is the process of moving an entire site from one provider (or host) to another. There are a wide variety of web hosting providers on the market today, and each offers a unique value and menu of services. When you’re ready to start fresh and switch to a new provider, Custom Software Solutions can manage the process from start to finish.

Migrating your website requires going through several important steps: picking a new provider, backing up all necessary website information, transferring the data to the new provider, troubleshooting the new database, and switching over the domain name. Website migration often uses File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, services to transfer files from one network to another.

The website migration experts at Custom Software Solutions will work with you to identify the perfect web provider for your website, then develop a plan to migrate the site seamlessly. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your web traffic, strategically planning your migration for as little downtime as possible. Custom Software Solutions is here to guide you through the migration process so you can take advantage of everything your web host has to offer.


Database Backup

Custom Software Solutions will back up your critical information so you can keep your business moving. We will securely store and transfer your databases to ensure business runs smoothly after migrating your website, avoiding any interruptions for your customers.

Installation and Hosting

CSS will take care of the installation and hosting process so you can focus on running your business. We will work with you and your new website host to install any necessary software or integrations, and we will troubleshoot any storage, network, or database issues that may arise with your new host.

Logical Site Mapping

A clean site map is essential to strong web design, making it easy for visitors to see what your business is all about. In addition, site mapping from CSS ensures search engines will crawl your easily and efficiently, making your brand appear higher in organic search results.

Advanced Site Testing

Custom Software Solutions will test all the components of your new site, including browser compatibility, UI, eCommerce functionality, website speed/performance, security features, and more. We follow a comprehensive testing regiment to ensure every website component is ready for launch.

Proactive Communication

We believe strong communication throughout the project is crucial to building your ideal website. By keeping open lines of communication with our clients, we can understand your needs and develop a website that is in tune with your business goals and your expectations.

Expertise and Experience

Custom Software Solutions is a trusted partner throughout the website migration process—not a “set it and forget it” developer. We have the expertise to create a customized solution that will showcase your business and reach your customers in new ways.