Custom Application Development

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Custom Application Development

Software Development Services to create applications tailor-made just for you

Custom Application Metaphor

Even with thousands of applications on the market, there are certain business situations that require a custom solution. Whether it’s a niche tool for your industry, a new feature you want to provide your customers, or an innovative way to organize your work internally, Custom Software Solutions can help.
Custom Software Solutions specializes in unique, tailor-made applications that meet the needs of your business, your core services, and your customers. Custom applications allow you to control exactly how your technology works with you, and it allows you to make enhancement and improvements as needed without waiting for the software company to release updates. We are here to accommodate your expectations and preferences, and we can help you fill the gap between your ideal solution and “off the shelf” software.
Our software engineers have a unique combination of technical experience and industry-specific expertise in financial services, mortgage banking, healthcare, and telecommunications. Using this knowledge, we architect user-friendly, creative applications and software solutions. We create Windows, Mobile and Web based applications to fit your exact needs. We provide platform and database migration, custom database development, system integration, and Application Programming Interface (API) development using a variety of tools and programming languages.

Fully Customized for your Business

First and foremost, we’re here to listen—we want to hear your unique situation, your current challenges, and your needs. Our goal is to maximize your IT investments while meeting the exact requirements of your business.

Agile Enough for Business Realities

Your business depends on the speed, range, and ease with which you can implement change. CSS is here to help you create solutions that drive your business forward.

Be more efficient and responsive

CSS offers a wide range of custom applications to help you improve your internal processes and be more proactive to build and maintain your competitive advantage.

Application Integration

If your application is designed to live on your company website, Custom Software Solutions can fully integrate the tool into your site to make a seamless process for customers or employees. We also provide API development, custom Database Design, platform migration and system integration.

Installation and Hosting

Once we have developed an application that meets your needs, CSS can handle the installation and hosting of your new application so you can focus on the business.

Regular Updates and Free Support

Once your application is live, CSS will provide ongoing support to keep your application running well. Our engineers will troubleshoot any issues and provide support for your long-term success.