Application Migration

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Application Migration

Move your application stress-free

Once you’ve built a successful application, the last thing you want is to be held back by your development platform. Over the course of time, you may outgrow your application platform; your business may take on new services or new customers that require a longer reach, or you may find that the platform can’t keep up with the speed or volume of data. If you find your business is moving too fast for your application environment, Custom Software Solutions can help you migrate the application to a brand-new platform as a service (PaaS) provider.

For modern applications, migration typically means one of two things: moving the app from an on-site server to a cloud provider, or moving from one cloud provider to another. Cloud-based applications can be hosted by a number of development platforms, or PaaS, including: Microsoft Windows Azure, Google App Engine, Heroku,, and many more. Each PaaS provider has a different set of pros and cons, and Custom Software Solutions can help you determine which service is the best fit for your existing infrastructure and your business needs.

The trickiest part of application migration is determining what will translate to the new environment and what will not. Applications created in a specific environment are typically built to run on that specific platform, so it may require significant changes to run in another system. The application experts at Custom Software Solutions can work with you to determine any necessary changes to the storage system, the operating system, the network architecture, and the content management tools, as well as any software needed to bridge the gap between the two environments.


Quality Testing

Custom Software Solutions conducts comprehensive quality testing during the application migration process to ensure your app functions perfectly. We test the user-facing components of the app as well as the back-end functionality, ensuring your app is error-free when your turn it over to customers or employees. Any issues discovered during the testing process will be addressed immediately to minimize downtime.

Explore Different Platforms

We will help you find the ideal platform for your app, identifying any functionality that may not translate easily to one platform or another. Our goal is to find the platform that meets your business requirements, supports your app’s functionality, and excites your customers. Depending on your current system requirements and necessary integrations, we will identify the platform that sets you up for success.

Identify and Address Risks

Moving an app from one platform to another comes with certain risks, and Custom Software Solutions is here to mitigate that risk. We have experience developing solutions for all leading platforms, and we help you understand common risks and misconceptions. We will address any security risks or performance issues before launching your app on the new platform, and we will manage the app on an ongoing basis to proactively address any concerns.

Estimate Time and Pricing

Our process is designed to keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with a great experience, and we want to ensure you understand the time and cost expectation of any project you undertake. We will coordinate timelines and pricing at the outset of your project so we are all on the same page and you know exactly what to expect.

Consulting & Strategy

Develop a game plan. Our business analysts will bring their experience and expertise to help you find the best and most cost-effective solution. We will meet with you to understand your business, your objectives, suggest strategies and architect a solution to fit your needs. Our custom-built solutions are designed to work flawlessly for your customers and your brand.

Expertise and Experience

CSS developers have years of experience creating, deploying, and troubleshooting complex software, and we are ready to help you “wow” your customers with custom tool. Custom Software Solutions is much more than a “set it and forget it” provider, giving you a trusted partner that is ready to showcase your business with a custom solution.