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Learning Management System (LMS) Design

Kickstart your company's e-learning system


Learning Management System Examples

Learning management systems, or LMS, are web-based applications that facilitate training courses and educational programs. CSS offers LMS design and development services and has successfully deployed LMS applications for Educational facilities (K-12, Colleges and Universities) as well as various Business solutions. As our world grows more and more virtual, companies are increasingly relying on eLearning solutions to educate customers, employees, and their industry as a whole. More than 75% of U.S. companies now offer online learning courses for employees, and Custom Software Solutions can design an LMS that fits your company and your needs.

Learning management systems can be used in many different ways to grow a business. Companies that sell complicated products, like factory equipment or software, may use online courses to teach customers how to use their product. Companies can use LMS services for Human Resources functions, such as conducting performance reviews or evaluating technical skills. Companies in regulated industries (such as banking or insurance) may also use LMS to administer regular compliance training or annual courses on company policy. Many states have passed laws requiring companies to provide certain types of training to their employees on an annual basis.

Your company can use various forms of media to facilitate your training courses. You can use multimedia sources such as video and audio to cover the course material, flip cards, quizzes with a wide array of question types and course formats to keep the users engaged. Our LMS solutions provide the ability to track users, courses, grades, completions and provide certificates upon course completion. This can prove invaluable to your organization if your company is subject to compliance regulations and laws.

Custom Software Solutions can advise you on all things eLearning, including how to develop courses, how to track and document progress, how to generate LMS reports, and how to use the data to shape future training. Our LMS experts can recommend existing software for simple eLearning needs or build a custom solution to meet your unique training needs. CSS has successfully implemented e-learning systems using Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Drupal and D2L. CSS will help you identify your LMS needs, choose the right LMS tools for your solution, design the training platform, and arrange delivery for a successful eLearning experience.

If your organization needs to stay up to date with current regulations then a Learning Management System is an important tool. A well designed LMS can keep your employees up to date with compliance regulations. 


Identify e-Learning Opportunities

Every company has unique training needs, and CSS will work with you to identify the specific challenges and opportunities in your industry. We offer a number of different eLearning solutions depending on the size, scope, and topic involved in your e-Learning.

Develop Personalized Training

Once we have identified your unique needs, we will develop a user-friendly eLearning program that complements your existing programs. Our solutions can be personalized to suit corporate training, educational institutions, and more.

Deliver E-learning Courses

Custom Software Solutions will walk you through the specifics of hosting and administering e-learning courses, including how to access courses, how to share them with employees, and where to find newly developed training resources.

Enhance In-Person Training

In addition to fully online training programs, we can develop courses that complement in-person training, allowing employees to get a more holistic training experience and manage trainers’ time effectively.

Track Progress

E-learning systems have the benefit of automated tracking and status updates. Easily keep track of which employees and/or customers have completed e-learning courses and manage training to completion.

Ongoing LMS Support

CSS is committed to your satisfaction as a client, and we will provide ongoing support for your learning management system using security and maintenance patches, as well as necessary updates and upgrades.