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Getting your Business listed on Google Places for Business is one of the most important Marketing Tasks for your company. Having a Google My Business account will allow you to manage your company’s Business Profile to connect with your customers across Google Search and Google Maps.

Getting your Google My Business Profile setup correctly is key to your online success. Our Local Search Experts have the knowledge and experience to optimize your profile for the best results.

We can use your Google My Business Profile to create listings that will stand out when potential customers are searching online.

Your Google My Business Profile will contain basic information such as your business location, business category, phone number, hours of operation and customer ratings.  

Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps is an extremely useful app that most people use regularly to get directions to locations. Google Maps Marketing should be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy to make it easy for your clients to find your business. 

The objective of Google Maps Marketing is to have your business achieve as high a placement in the local business results as possible. 

Proximity based results are one type of Google Maps listing and is based on your physical location. This type of search can be done from your computer or from a mobile device.

Ranked Google Maps results are another common type of maps result. If the user does not have location data enabled or is searching for a specific location, then Google Maps shows listings for a particular region. The ranking of these results is based on a comparison with other businesses nearby. Having your Google My Business Listing optimized will help you rank higher on these types of results not based on proximity.

In order to outrank your competitors, you should pay close attention to specify the areas you serve, verify your Google My Business Listing, and indicate both your primary and secondary categories relevant to your business. You should also write an optimized introduction as a summary of what your company does, the products or services you offer and what makes your company better than your competitors. 

Google My Business Listings also allow you to include photos and images and you should take advantage of this to help your business stand out.

Customer reviews also play a part in how well your business ranks in comparison to others. These reviews or “citations” can be tracked and factor into your ranking.

Our Google Maps Marketing Experts have the knowledge and experience to optimize your profile to ensure the best results. Achieving a high rank and good visibility takes time and effort, so be patient and you will be rewarded. This is important to the success of your business so you should hire the best Google My Business and Google Map Marketing experts. 

What is Google Places for Business?

Google Business Listings were previously managed through both Google Places and Google Maps. Later, they added Google+ Local as another location for Business Listings.

Google My Business was created as a way to consolidate the Business Listings from Google Places and Google+ Local into one dashboard.

Using Google My Business will allow you to manage your business listings in Google Search results and Google Maps.

Google Marketing 

Google is the first place most people look when searching online. Your business success depends on your customers being able to find you and differentiate your products and services from your competitors. 

Other Google Marketing Services we provide:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Maps Marketing

Local search optimization and rankings are crucial for drawing in foot traffic and local customers. By effectively tapping into the local market, you can target customers who are searching within your geographic area for your services.

Bing Places For Business

Microsoft Bing offers Business Listings and Bing Maps Marketing. While Google owns the largest share of the Search Market, it is still worthwhile to claim your Bing Places for Business listing and ensure you are listed and rank highly on Bing Maps.

Yahoo Local Business Listing

Yahoo offers Local Business Listings and Yahoo Search Listings. While Google owns the largest share of the Search Market, it is still worthwhile to claim your Yahoo Local Business Listing and ensure you are listed and rank highly on the Yahoo Map Service.

Reviews & Citations

Having positive reviews on your business listing will help you rank higher than your competitors. Citations are similar listings on a select group of 3rd party websites that also provide positive references and help validate your business.

Geo And Industry Specific Listings

Citations can also be obtained based on your Industry or Geographic location. Hospitality sites can get listed on Travel Review sites for example. Listings on local business associations and chamber of commerce websites can be very helpful.

Articles, Blogs And Social Media

Publishing content from your company on external sites is the next step of content marketing. Publishing original content on external news sites, industry resource websites, and more will position you as an authority to customers.