Microsoft .Net

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A programming infrastructure created by Microsoft

Microsoft.NET Logo is a Microsoft-supported framework that allows engineers and developers to build new applications based on customers’ needs. These applications are designed to run on .net technologies, including internet services and desktop applications. The framework involves three main pieces: the Common Language Runtime, ASP.NET, and the Framework Class Library. Custom Software Solutions employs engineers who understand the benefits of and how it can enhance your business through web features or desktop applications to boost your business.


Identify Business Requirements

At Custom Software Solutions, our first step is to identify the unique needs of your business and your customers, and then build a plan and choose a platform that meets those needs.

Customized and Personalized

Once we have developed a strategic plan, we can use framework to support XML Web services and custom applications that include the features and tools most important to your customers.

Installation and hosting

When the application is complete and fully tested, CSS can handle the installation and hosting process for your new tools.

Crowd-sourced Code

One key benefit of is its vast class library, which allows programmers to take advantage of dependable, tested code with robust features for their specific projects.

Ongoing site maintenance

Once your site is live, CSS will provide ongoing support to keep you online. With’s security features and our troubleshooting process, we will work to keep you online 24/7.

SEO and Marketing

Once the tool is built, CSS can help you attract new customers through Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click advertising, strategic content development, digital marketing, and more.