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Mobile Development

Reach your Customers on the Go

Mobile compatibility is crucial to running a successful modern business. There are more than 2.87 billion smartphones worldwide, and mobile devices are now leading sources of news, eCommerce, and entertainment. According to comScore, users spend almost 2 out of 3 digital media minutes on mobile devices, and mobile apps alone are approaching 60% of all digital time spent. Mobile development represents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach customers on the go and interact with them in new, engaging ways. Mobile development covers two broad categories: mobile website design and mobile application design.

Mobile website design, or optimizing for mobile, means thinking holistically about the different ways users may navigate your site. In order for mobile users to have a positive experience on your site, it must be as easy to navigate and as user-friendly as the desktop version. (In fact, nearly half of consumers say they will navigate to a competitor’s site if the original mobile site won’t load properly.) There are a wide variety of solutions on the market for mobile development, including plug-ins and add-ons that may make your site mobile-friendly—but they come at the cost of making two distinct sites that must be updated separately, increasing the time and effort required on your part. The best long-term solution is to implement responsive design, which ensures your website will display properly on a wide variety of screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets. Custom Software Solutions will work with you to determine a mobile-friendly and budget-friendly strategy that ensures you can reach customers on a number of devices.

Mobile application development can take your business to the next level. The term “mobile app” covers a wide range of potential applications, including educational apps, games and entertainment apps, business apps, lifestyle apps, utilities, travel apps, reading apps, health apps, and many more. Depending on the nature of your business, one of these categories may be a good fit—or you may find you have opportunities to invest in different types of apps. Custom Software Solutions can help you determine what type of app is best for your business, depending on the competitive marketplace and the specific goal you are trying to reach with the app. Once we have determined a general outline, our app developers will work with you to determine important components, including: target users for the app; compatible mobile platforms and devices; app environment (i.e. native app vs. web app vs. hybrid app); measuring app performance; developing and testing the prototype; troubleshooting procedures; and more.

Mobile development is the present and the future when it comes to your business’ digital presence. Whether it’s redesigning and optimizing your website for mobile or developing a new app from scratch, we are here to help. Contact Custom Software Solutions today to get started on mobile development for your business.

Cross-Platform Development

Make sure you reach your customers anytime, on any device. Custom Software Solutions creates mobile app and website designs that translate seamlessly to iPhone, iPad, Android devices and many more. We create dynamic, responsive designs to ensure your content displays perfectly every time, no matter the screen size or the device.

User-Friendly Navigation

Reach shows that a well-designed, intuitive website increases traffic, conversions, and time spent on the site. We create well-designed products that are simple to understand and easy to interact with. Your mobile app should be simple, clean, reliable, and self-explanatory, allowing your customers and employees to get the most out of it.

High-Quality Design

Our mobile designers use sound design principles and best practices for the web to develop your custom website design. We test different responsive mobile layouts to determine which design option is the best fit for your business, and we will work tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied with the way your brand is represented on the web- no matter what device your customers are using.

Quality Assurance Testing

Custom Software Solutions will conduct rigorous tests to ensure your web content displays will on all devices. We will also test security features, data storage, and other back-end components to ensure your mobile website or mobile app functions perfectly for every user. Our comprehensive testing regimen ensures you can rest easy with your new site.

Improve Brand Recognition

Improve your visibility and brand recognition in your target market with a refreshed website. A well-designed site lends credibility to your brand and shows your customers you are a leader in your field. A strong web presence is crucial to your success, and updating your digital properties allows you to put your best foot forward and attract new customers.

Maintenance & Support

Keep your new and improved tools running 24/7. CSS will ensure your system is always up-to-date by implementing fixes and patches, and we will install new features or software as they are released. We can also help back up your data in a secure location and repair corrupted data should anything occur, ensuring your website is always ready when customers are.