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An e-learning solution for customized education

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Moodle is an e-learning platform that allows you to create, implement, and distribute training programs and courses. Whether you are training new employees, providing updated training, or even providing learning courses for customers, we can help you develop a Moodle-based education system on your website.

Moodle was first created in 2001 for educators, making it easier to provide courses, communication between the staff and students, and to customized to a school’s, government’s, company’s or teacher’s needs.

As an open source platform, Moodle is designed to heavily rely on plugins, allowing the client to pick and choose which settings or features they require to customized to their needs.

At Custom Software Solutions, we will work with you or your team to come up with a design and help create the plugin(s) or pick pre-made plug-ins to customize them to your style or theme.

Personalized Learning

Moodle is an adaptable platform that allows us to personalize the learning system for your company’s unique needs.

Customize with Plugins

Moodle offers hundreds of plug-ins to enhance your learning environment, including tools to track progress, change layout, manage users, and grade assessments.

eLearning Integration

Once we have developed a custom Moodle solution for your e-learning environment, CSS will ensure the tool is fully integrated into your company’s website.

Complement In-Person Training

In some cases, in-person training is necessary, but Moodle can be used to enhance this training by offering online follow-up, additional materials, or select courses that can be done virtually.

Ongoing eLearning Support

As your employees and customers use the e-learning tool, we will be available to troubleshoot problems, identify solutions, and ensure a seamless learning experience.

Continuous Updates

Moodle is a community-driven open source platform that is dedicated to improvements. When new features or enhancements are released, CSS can ensure your e-learning system is always up-to-date.