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Web development is a comprehensive term for the process of creating a web-based solution, including the front-end design, back-end framework, coding, scripting, information architecture, database design, hosting, and site security. As the complexity of websites increases, it is important to ensure all elements of the solution are implemented and integrated properly.

The web-based solution can be implemented as a website accessible via the internet, an intranet site accessible only on a private network, a web-based application, a web portal, an online auction site, an electronic storefront, an eCommerce solution, a social networking service, an online game, or a mobile application.

Custom Software Solutions creates custom websites and web solutions for businesses in a wide variety of industries. Whether your business is focused primarily on eCommerce, education, blogging, or social networking, we can create a website that is customized to your brand and your goals. Our expert web developers will work hard to understand what success looks like for your business and develop a solution that meets your vision.


Website Development

Website development has evolved from simple, text-based websites into elaborate, complex tools that businesses use to promote products and services, as well as communicate and collaborate with employees and vendors.

Intranet Development

An intranet is a private website with access limited to users on the company network. Intranets can be used to provide information, applications, collaboration tools, customer relationship management, sales support, project management and a variety of other services to company employees without exposing business-critical information on the public internet.

Web Based Application Development

Web-based applications combine the accessibility of a website with the functionality of an application. Web applications have a wide variety of functions, including connecting to databases, interacting with users, and searching web content. Web applications allow customers to interact with social networks, make reservations and purchases online, receive online training, vote in polls, participate in forums, and more.

Website Portal Development

While a traditional website serves up the same content for each visitor, a website portal allows you to customize (and restrict) the experience for different users. Website portals usually require a personal login, and the content is personalized for each user based on permission groups. Website portals are typically used for government employee sites, corporate intranet sites, financial and trade websites, auction sites, and members-only sections of other websites.

Online Auction Development

eBay and other online auction sites have ushered in a new era of convenience when it comes to bidding for goods and collectibles. However, companies that host auctions on a regular basis see the benefits of custom online auction development. Custom online auctions allow companies to control all aspects of the auction, including the scale, bidding requirements, front-page design, and reports.

Electronic Business Development

Electronic business (e-business) is an umbrella term for any business conducted over the internet. E-business includes managing online stores, where customers can purchase goods and services on the web, as well as other business functions like processing payment, providing customer service, communicating with suppliers and customers, managing customer information, and scheduling deliveries or shifts.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce focuses specifically on the online purchasing process. eCommerce development includes setting up the online marketplace (both the customer-facing and management-facing sides), developing an inventory management system, implementing security measures, and setting up data collection to generate sales reports.

Social Network Development

Custom social network features and social network integration allows customers to interact with each other on your company’s web platforms. Social networking features allow customers to message your customer service staff and/or message each other, post comments, write reviews, rate and flag content, access exclusive content, and more. Social networking features can increase your site’s credibility and allow users to connect with each other—as well as your brand.

Gaming Development

Adding a custom, web-based game to your online portfolio is a great way to draw in more customers and add some excitement to your brand. We can build games to suit your goals and ensure that it functions well on a desktop computer, a mobile phone, and a tablet screen. In addition to drawing in more customers, a custom game can be a valuable marketing tool to get your name out there.

Mobile Application Development

From the first idea to the final line of code, we can support your mobile app goals. Custom Software Solutions can create mobile applications that are compatible for both Apple and Android devices with the functionality you need to grow your business. Our mobile app developers can create apps that facilitate communication with customers; apps that allow customers to purchase your goods and services; and apps that educate consumers about your brand or product category.


Front End Design

Front End Design is a term used to describe the creation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). This describes all user-facing content on the site, including the home page, the online store, and everything else the customer can see by visiting your site. Front-end design deals with the way a customer interacts with the site, rather than the sophisticated code and databases required to make it happen. We create front-end designs that are easy to use and simple to navigate for your customers.

Back End Framework

In modern web development, a back-end framework is used to set up the basic functionality of a website. The developers can install their chosen framework, update specific configurations and settings, and have a working website or application up and running in a fraction of the time it would have taken to code the same solution from scratch. Back end framework often combines a server, an application, and a database to facilitate the entire customer experience on a given site.

Coding and Scripting

Coding is the process of instructing websites and applications to perform a certain function. Code can be written in different programming languages, including SQL, Java, Python, and Ruby, each of which are interpreted in a certain way by the web system. Scripting is a specific type of coding that automates a certain process, like collecting email addresses from customers or displaying a certain page or pop-up. A strategic use of coding and scripting is required to enable certain functionality.

Database Design

Well-designed databases simplify countless business functions, allowing you to create dynamic pages and allowing customers to perform complex tasks at the click of a button. In order to create a successful database, we will first create a data model that details all logical choices the database will be required to make. Databases allow you to show dynamic pages, such as pages that show customer data after logging in or pages that show nearby stores after entering in your location.

Website Hosting

Once a website is built, it must have space on a stable server in order to operate. This server will house the website, serve the appropriate pages to visitors, and maintain the files needed for the site. Custom Software Solutions provides peace of mind through hosting services that ensure your site is ready and waiting for customers, wherever they might be. We help you find the ideal host, and we will troubleshoot any hosting issues to ensure your site is always up and running.

Site Security

The most successful websites have security principles baked in from the very start. Strong website security helps prevent devastating system incidents, including hackers who upload malicious files to your site, infect your data systems, or conduct ransomware attacks. As cybercrime becomes more advanced and pervasive, it is crucial to think about access control, antivirus protection, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and intrusion detection from the very start.