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Pre-built integrations that automate order processing, inventory updates, and more between WooCommerce and NetSuite

Orders: Manage and process orders in NetSuite when customers check out in WooCommerce

Shipping & Fulfillment: Send your customers tracking numbers and shipping details in real time


Key Benefits

  • Save time and minimize errors by automatically synching customer, order, and inventory data
  • Integrate effortlessly with pre-built, out-of-the-box integration that does not require IT support
  • Improve the customer experience with faster turnaround and shipping updates in real time

Fast, Scalable, Flexible. Quickstart Templates are built on Celigo – the modern iPaaS Platform


Key Functions

  • WooCommerce
    • Orders
    • Customers
    • Fulfillment
    • Products
    • Inventory
    • Settlements
    • Billing
  • Oracle: NetSuite
    • Sales Orders
    • Customers
    • Fulfillment
    • Items
    • Inventory
    • Settlements
    • Billing


Customer Reviews

Over 2,500 NetSuite customers rely on Celigo for their integrations.

“Celigo is one of the best products I have ever worked with. We will be doing all our integrations with Celigo. I am more than happy to chat with someone in the same position we were in. Our business model relies on integrations. We are at the forefront with our strategy because we understand the importance of integration. Getting up and running with a platform that’s got pre-built integrations is much nicer than all of the other platforms I’ve used.”

Jason Ross — Operations Director, GetBusy

“We do fairly complex orchestrations with Celigo. We pull data from other systems to perform more sophisticated accounting computations. So when we say we take transactions all the way to the finish line, we definitely can do that now with Celigo.”

Jotham Ty — CEO, Gappify

“There is pretty stark difference comparing Celigo to the other platforms we tried out in term of being able to quickly set up and deploy flows. I’ve worked with a lot of SaaS companies, and I know that other companies are not this flexible. Whatever endpoint we use, it’s pleasing to know that Celigo works for us.”

Adam DeGruyter — Systems Manager, CommsChoice


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