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Complete Integration Platform for Acumatica Partners and Customers

Fast, Easy, Complete: Build Integrations Quickly and Efficiently

The right data in the right place at the right time Eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email. Celigo’s platform enables visibility across the organization—with fewer technical resources.

  • Intuitive: Built for both ecommerce managers and IT/operation
  • Scalable: Supports hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders a day
  • Flexible: Complete control with no code or advanced custom code options
  • Complete: Comprehensive, turnkey Acumatica integrations

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Flexible, Proven, Reliable: Customize and Expand

Focus on your business, not maintaining integrations. As companies grow and processes change, Celigo’s iPaaS allows both technical professionals and business users to automate, customize, and expand integrations as needed—so they can focus on their core business.

  • Guided User Inteface: Step-by-step wizard with API adaptors, visual field mapping, drop-down menus, and other tools for no-coding integration
  • Prebuilt Connectors & Templates: Accelerate with prebuilt connectors to hundreds of applications and prepackaged integration flows to popular applications to jumpstart integrations
  • Complex Orchestrations: Support complex processes by integrating multiple apps and data sources as part of single integration flow
  • Advanced Developer Tools: Advanced tools for creating and sharing stacks, generating tokens for direct API calls, building wrappers, and more
  • Actionable Dashboard: Full visibility to monitor, manage, and update integrations with access to error details and ability to re-run integrations
  • Universal Adaptors: Connect with any application or data source using adaptors for REST/JSON, XML, FTP, AS2, EDI, SQL, web hooks, on-prem and more

Prebuilt integrations available on the Celigo Marketplace.


Common Integration Use Cases

  • Lead to Subscription • Procure-to-pay / Purchasing • Warehouse-to-3PL • Catalog & Listings / Merchandising • Pricing & Repricing • Suspect-to-Prospect + Repeat Sales • Expenses & Invoicing • Order-to-Fulfillment • Issue to Resolution • Services Provisioning • Order-to-Cash • Inventory & Replenishment • Payment-to-Reconciliation • Hire-to-Retire • Collaboration • Reporting & Analytics • Office Productivity

The vision of Celigo is to make automation as simple as possible by enabling anyone in the enterprise to build or deploy integrations.

“We built a rich, multi-cloud API integration with Celigo for our client Kevins Worldwide so they can scale their business. If they want to switch to another ecommerce platform, we can implement that easily with less development or nocode development.” —Harsha Sarjapur, Acumatica Partner/MVP, InfoSourcing Inc.

“We do fairly complex orchestrations with Celigo. We pull data from other systems to perform more sophisticated accounting computations. So when we say we take transactions all the way to the finish line, we definitely can do that now with Celigo.” —Jotham Ty CEO, Gappify

“I found it to be very user friendly and any tweaks or changes that I’ve had to make have been very easy and the errors are very clear. When you run into an issue its very easy to tell what the problem was.” —Craig Matusinski, Ecommerce Director, Kevin’s Worldwide

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