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As technology improves day to day, it is important for businesses to actively engaging in digital marketing. Be it using social media, emailing prospects, updating your website with information, or using search engine optimization to your advantage. There are many ways to use digital marketing to help make your business be noticed and build your brand.  

A popular choice used by companies is Google Ads and their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program. This is where you as a client will pay the hosting site (I.e. Google) to market your business on their site. Google Ads allows you to do this by placing paid ads on their search engine result pages or on their partner pages as sponsored content at the top of the search.  

Ads can be customized to your taste and can be targeted to specific demographics (e.g. global or local population and more). You can monitor the progress of your marketing by creating a goal or goals for your business to complete and monitor your progress using Google Ads and Google Analytics.  

What is a Google Partner? 

When search for help with Google Ads, you may become familiar with the term Google Partner, and not know what that means or what it entitles. A Google Partner is essentially a company or agency that manages a client’s Google Ads accounts on their behalf.  

So how does this differ from people who don’t have this badge? As a Google Partner, the company or agency has been verified by Google with training and additional resources. As a partner, the company/agency is entitled to display the badge, receive extra client event support and access to agency competitions.  [1] 

Company Specializations 

Along with gaining the badge, Google provides their Google Partners with six different certifications signifying their training and understanding in subjects of digital marketing. 

Google Ads Fundamentals 

The Google Ads Fundamentals assessment is essential in becoming a Google Partner and a required assessment to complete any of the other certifications. The assessment informs the Google member the benefits of digital marketing and how to set up and manage a Google Ads account. Going over the knowledge of creating campaigns, maintaining your progress, optimizing the performance and using the best practices for advertising. [2] 

Search Advertising 

The Search Advertising certification covers the overall information needed on using the Search Network in ad campaigns. The certification grantees the Google Partner has learned how to create, manage, study search trends, assess performance and how to enhance the campaigns to work at its best. [3] 

Display Advertising 

The Display Advertising certification similar to the Search Advertising covers the overall information needed on using the Display Network in ad campaigns. The certification grantees the Google Partner has the knowledge of using the display network and how to meet the goals created for the campaign. The Google Partner will know the different ad formats available, how to specialize client targeting, creating and managing your campaign(s), assess your performance and how to improve it. [4] 

Mobile Advertising 

The Mobile Advertising certification is a different type of campaign, where it focuses specifically only for mobile advertising. The certificate will cover the fundamentals of using mobile ad campaigns, with how to make your ad mobile friendly, bidding strategies, how to targeting your customer base, the different types of mobile ad formats, and measuring ad performance and conversions. [5] 

Video Advertising 

The Video Advertising certification is for campaign(s) specifically focused on using video ads for YouTube and the web. The certificate will cover creating and managing the campaign, the types of video ad formatting, how to evaluate your performance and how to optimize your campaign for results. [6] 


The Shopping Advertising certification is for ads for your Merchant Center account. The certification grantees the knowledge of the basics on how to use your Merchant Center account and using the product data feed to your advantage. The Google Partner will also be required to know the basic outline on how the shopping ads work, how to create and manage the ads, and the basics on bidding and optimizing shopping campaigns. [7] 

As a Google Partner, how can Custom Software Solutions help you? 

As a Google Partner, Custom Software Solutions is now better equipped to help our clients gain more from their Google Ads. With additional access to Google resources to improve your campaigns in Google Ads and increase clicks. Being a Google Partner allows us to participate in a specialized community designed to gain additional advice, learn of recent updates, and learn from the experiences of other Google Partners. [8]  

At Custom Software Solutions we can help you in achieving your goals in business. We will be happy to assess your business to help find the best way to implement the tools given in Google Ads to increase revenue and clients for your business. 

Custom Software Solutions, Inc. 

7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite #200 
Irvine, CA 92618 United States 

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