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Hundreds of applications. Thousands of business processes. Millions of combinations. ONE iPaaS.

The Automation Challenge

The shift to cloud-based solutions has resulted in a market where business teams evaluate and purchase best-of-breed SaaS solutions based on their business requirements rather than having IT implement modules of suite-based systems. However, business processes generally span multiple business functions and systems. These systems need to be integrated in order to automate processes and make improvements in speed and accuracy, which are the drivers for investing in digital technology. Identifying and implementing integration technology to enable business process automation is a crucial part of a modern IT function.


More Complicated Than It Looks

Consider a common business process like Quote-to-Cash. On the surface, it seems like a simple integration between your customer management system (CRM) and accounting or enterprise resource management (ERP) system. However, Quote-to-Cash has many sub-processes, many of which reside in different applications. To eliminate manual processes or data movement you need to integrate these additional applications as well.

As you automate more sub-processes, more functional teams and their business applications are integrated into the process.


Scalability Is a Must

As companies advance their digital transformation programs, the demand to automate business processes expands into and across every department encompassing dozens or even hundreds of applications.

It is vital to implement an integration solution that can scale beyond current requirements. SaaS proliferation continues to accelerate, not only digital-first, high-growth companies, but also in low-growth organizations where legacy software is being replaced with cloud-based solutions.. Choosing an integration solution that does not scale will have a significant negative impact on the organization’s ability to succeed in digital transformation initiatives.


When Your Integration Solution Doesn’t Scale

  • Data integrity becomes a serious challenge.
  • Management and error-detection becomes difficult and time-consuming.
  • Compliance with security and privacy requirements becomes a major risk.
  • IT is a bottleneck on growth as demand for integration and automation exceeds capacity


About Celigo

At Celigo, we enable breakaway growth, controlled cost management, and superior customer experiences by ensuring that every process – at any level of the organization – can be automated in the most optimal way. The Celigo platform is a complete integration platform as a service that allows business users and developers alike to automate both common and custom business processes and move the management of them into the teams that own that process, enabling business teams to innovate faster and become more agile while providing IT with the capabilities they need to ensure unified best practices, data security and scalability to meet the needs of the business today and in the future


Contact Us for more information on automating your business processes with Celigo for your Business.

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