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Project Details

When we initially met with DWFS, they had a custom built LMS on a Cold Fusion server. The original developer had abandoned the solution and was no longer providing support.

Our solution was created using a WordPress site (for sales and marketing) and a Moodle Learning Management System. A user first goes to the WordPress site to review, select, and purchase an online course.

The user creates an account on the site and goes through the process of selecting a course, then paying for the course. Using 3rd party plugins we were able to create a solution that automatically created the registration on the Moodle LMS for the course that was purchased on the WordPress site. We also created a Single Sign-on solution that allows for one account to be shared between the sites as well. We also created the ability for a user to Bulk Purchase courses, then once purchased, assign the courses to their students that they would then enroll.

Once the student is enrolled in the course, they go through the process of watching videos on the subject, then take an examination to demonstrate competence in the subject. The solution allows for various questions/answers (True/False, Multiple Choice, etc.), then based on the criteria setup by the Training Manager the student is graded on their exam. If they meet the completion criteria and get a passing grade, then a certificate is created and emailed to the student.

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