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G&M Compliance offers National and International Certification Testing for Electronic, Automotive and Medical Devices.

Once a Certification is complete, a Certificate is issued which allows this device to be distributed and sold in the region or country specified. Certification is valid for a specific amount of time.

Certificate Alert & Tracking System (CATS)

The CATS workflow system tracks each Product and Certification and notifies the client 90/60/30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate to allow them to renew the certification.

Also, if the standards change for that type of Certification, the certificate will expire and will need to be re-certified.

The CATS system tracks each certificate’s expiration date as well as the underlying standards and will send out automated notifications prior to the expiration as part of the Drupal Workflow we created.

Once a user receives an expiration notice, they can simply click on the “Renew My Certificate” button to initiate the workflow process to renew their certificate.

The CATS system has been shown to the Big 3 Auto Makers; General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler as well as Tesla and the Chinese Government.

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