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Project Details

HID Global is a Fortune 500 company that provides security products. Just about everyone has a magnetic HID Card or key fob they use on a daily bases to gain access to their business or home.

We migrated HID Global off of a Movable Type and Custom PHP site onto a Drupal 7 CMS platform.

The new HID Global site has approximately 100,000 pages that are translated into 9 languages. By using the organizational functionality built into Drupal, we were able to implement custom content types and taxonomies to create nodes of information that we then used to create views of similar information.

We also built a workflow to allow content to be marked for translation. This content would then be available for one of several pre-determined translation agencies to translate the content, then upload the new content back into Drupal. The Regional Manager for that language portion of the website was then notified to review the translated content. Once approved, the Manager could select publish to push the translated content to the live site.

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